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The Silence That Speaks
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When a beloved hospital administrator unexpectedly dies during surgery, the careful silence bought and paid for by money, sex and blackmail is shattered.

With careers, lives and secrets at risk, Forensic Instincts will stop at nothing to save the love of Marc Deveraux's life from being the next corpse at the morgue.

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The Stranger You Know
   [Paperback & New eBook Edition Available NOW for Ordering]


College-age girls with long red hair are being brutally murdered.

Call. Kill. Repeat.

As more red-headed victims are added to the body count, it becomes clear that each one has been chosen because of a unique connection to Casey— a connection that grows closer and closer to her.

Now the Forensic Instincts team must race to uncover the identity of a serial killer before his ever-tightening circle of death closes in on its founder, Casey Woods, as the ultimate target.

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The Line Between Here and Gone
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The Hamptons— playground for the rich and famous.

An off-season homicide barely makes a ripple in the local scene.

No one is looking for Paul Everett's body— except for the mother of his newborn son desperate to find the biological father who could be his very lifeline.

Tracking down a ghost when every second counts is not for amateurs.

Forensic Instincts is the one team up for the challenge.

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The Girl Who Disappeared Twice


A behaviorist. A former Navy SEAL. A techno-wizard. An intuitive. A retired FBI agent. A human scent evidence dog. All unconventional operatives. All with unique talents, skills, and personal reasons for joining Forensic Instincts.

Together, they achieve the impossible, pushing ethical and legal boundaries whenever the ends justify the means.

But time is running out for a five-year-old girl.

And all her mother could think about was…

It happened once. It happened again.
But she couldn't stop it. Not then. Not now.

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