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View the exciting video and audio clips that have accompanied the hardcover debut of each of these novels. [Note: Other than DRAWN in BLOOD (video and audio clips forthcoming), mass market paperback covers are displayed.]

  • The Girl Who Disappeared Twice Run Time: 05:38 Description: Andrea Kane talks about the writing of The Girl Who Disappeared Twice.
  • Twisted Run Time: 01:49 Description: Combining the best of Criminal Minds and Without a Trace, Andrea Kane takes you on a twisting journey through the mind of a deranged serial killer and the FBI special agents racing to end his lethal spree.
  • Twisted Run Time: 42:23 Description: Professor Terry Lovell interviews Andrea Kane on everything from quarter life crises to serial killers and dachshunds and how she integrating all these themes in TWISTED.
  • Twisted Run Time: 20:40 Description: Audio interview with Andrea Kane on the research, characterization, and writing of TWISTED.
  • Dark Room Run Time: 00:21 Description: This fast-paced thriller from New York Times bestselling author Andrea Kane will keep readers holding on for dear life during an emotional roller coaster ride through one woman's quest to find out who murdered her parents and why.
  • Wrong Place, Wrong Time Run Time: 00:24 Description: New York Times bestselling author Andrea Kane's gripping new page-turner, Wrong Place, Wrong Time, bolts out of the starting gate and straight into the “winner-take-all” world of competitive horse show jumping, where drugs, alcohol, money and egos collide and two strong-willed families risk everything to protect what's theirs.
  • I'll Be Watching You Run Time: 00:16 Description: This New York Times bestselling author has been keeping readers up all night with her powerful novels of suspense. Now, she makes her hardcover debut with a book that is sure to propel her into the ranks of superstardom...

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