Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Where do you get your ideas?

    A: This will always be one of the hardest questions I get asked because it’s such a complicated and murky one to answer. Sometimes my ideas are purely serendipitous—a character just forms in my head, takes shape, and is embroiled in a dangerous or crisis situation that spawns the skeleton of a plot. Sometimes my ideas are kick-started by a tidbit I read in the news that prompts my imagination to race in a completely different direction from reality. And, of course, there are always the “what ifs” that perpetually pop into my head. Those could be prompted by anything—something in everyday like a near-miss in a traffic accident, where you ponder “what if I left my home two seconds earlier? That wrecked car would be mine!”

  • Q: How long does it take you to write a book?

    A: With the growing complexities of my characters and plots, I need every possible moment of my 12-15 month deadline. Between research, outlining, writing, re-writing, polishing, etc., it takes that long before I'm satisfied with the final product.

  • Q: I am interested in becoming a published writer. How do you suggest I begin?

    A: The industry has changed greatly since my first novel was published a millennium ago. But certain basics remain. If you love to write, write. Find a support group of other writers. For example, check out Mystery Writers of America and Romance Writers of America. These, along with other genre-specific organizations will give you the opportunity to attend workshops, conferences, and other writing events, as well as to meet other aspiring novelists (not to mention editors and agents).

  • Q: How often do you post on Facebook and Twitter?

    A: I post as often as I can (or as often as I have something to share, to laugh about, or to complain about!), but at least a few times a week. However, I check both Facebook and Twitter AM and PM each day, and address questions and comments ASAP. You can find me at: Facebook or Twitter.

  • Q: If I choose to Email you instead, how soon can I expect a response?

    A: I answer E-mail as frequently as I can — usually in about a week. It's the only way I can keep up with a demanding writing schedule, along with daily interactions on Facebook and Twitter, and still create the best books I possibly can.

  • Q: Are your books available in audio and/or e-book formats?

    A: The answer to this is YES and YES. All of my novels are available in eBook format, and all my contemporary suspense/thrillers are available in audio format. FYI, my historicals are being rolled out as re-releases with new covers and, in some cases, new content. Some have already been released, and the rest are coming!

  • Q: Where can I find your books?

    A: Check out my website at: All of my titles (both contemporaries and historicals) are listed in the “Books” section. Clicking on a specific book from the list takes you to a page with links to online retailers, and you can choose from there.

  • Q: When are you going to continue the [fill in the blank: Monty, Sloane & Derek, etc.] series? And when are you going to write [fill in the blank: Merry, Thane, Chloe, etc.]'s book?

    A: It's a wonderful compliment to me that so many of my readers care enough about my main characters to want to see their intrigues continue and about my secondary characters to request that they get their own books. Believe me, I'm attached to ALL these characters, too. But I never continue a suspense series (i.e. Twisted & Drawn in Blood; Wrong Place, Wrong Time & Dark Room) or write a beloved secondary character's book until a fabulous-enough-concept pops into my head. When that happens is up to serendipity. All I can promise is that I'll keep my readers posted when and if a series continuation or a spin-off is on the horizon. Right now, the Forensic Instincts team is keeping me very busy!

  • Q: Which of your novels "go together"?

    A: Visit the "Related Books" page on my website for the answer to this one.

  • Q: Do you have a printable list of all your novels on one convenient page?

    A: Even better! Click here and you'll find a handy shopping list of all my novels that you can print and take with you to keep track of which books you already own and which ones you want to purchase.

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